The Terrific Trio

A super human dramatic adventure starring three of the most powerful heroes and villains in the Marvel comics universe. Cling to the edge of your seat as Destiny, Cypher, and Stilt Man use their fantastic powers to defend against Seanbaby and a group of Chinese warriors. "Perhaps the most compelling Stilt Man story I've ever read. Cypher's powers are tremendous," commented Ass, a mysterious stranger before disappearing back into the shadows.
Spidey Meets the X-Men

A fictional encounter between Spider Man, the X-Men, and even Superman's pal, Jimmy Olsen written in the style of Marvel Comics. A tangled web of deception leads Jimmy Olsen and Peter Parker to the same press conference. What will they do when they are attacked by Sentinels? "A brilliant look at comics in the seventies. Seanbaby has hit a homerun with this one," said an excited David Hasselhoff after being towelled down.
Which Chair I Would Buy

Number two in a series of essays for my Body Art class, I discuss in this brilliant paper whether or not I would purchase a lazy boy recliner with built in massage, or the more glamorous leather model without the massage feature. "Brought to light all the drama and pain of shopping. Made me want to go back to the mall for good! Another triumphant essay from Seanbaby," said grotesquely Puppet Master animated Barbie doll #12,887.

What Kind of Cake I Would Be

This is a very introspective and deep essay I wrote for my Body Art class. It's a class where we sit around and show each other tatoos and various piercings and answer questions like, "If you were a cake, what kind of cake would you be, and how would you be decorated?" If you're curious as to my flavor, come read this intellectual display of metaphorical psychoanalysis! Rosy even helped! "Didn't get it, but I think it was great! I love to read about cake!" said Martha Wank's Essay Review.