Tom, the host. From space.

Me and Katharine. Behind us: some kind of... combat mimes.

I never met this dude. Who knows what passions could burn in his heart?

I stole those goggles from this hot girl's girlfriend. I think she thought I was her for a minute. I think I thought I was Bono.

I took this picture, so Joyce might have been happy to see me, but check out the corner. Some guy is handing her an unlit candle. I guess that's pretty exciting too.

These guys are the cutest. I want to hug them.

No, fuck that. They're adorable! I want to eat them!

Best Hair.

"The time for talk is over, Elvis. Let your space desires fly free. Into my mouth."

Kara looks good for someone smaller than what I had for breakfast.

"I'd rather be golfing!"
This caption taken directly from a comedic golf t-shirt.

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