Shannon the Power Ranger was the only girl to make it to sunrise.

The package on that fag glowy necklace I'm wearing said it would last six hours. So either it was lying or someone took this at about five in the morning.

You can tell he's a space cowboy because he has a star on his hat.

Jesus Christ.

These guys didn't come dressed for space, but then again, they could be dressed like misinformed shapeshifting aliens who took the form of people from the wrong time period. Sort of like how aliens try to infiltrate our society today by disguising themselves as Benjamin Franklin.

Jessica and I traded glasses for awhile, but it didn't matter. We both still looked like we were playing fucking raquetball.

You know, even if Serra put a couple pieces of clothing on, I'd still say she was naked.

This picture rules.

Let your imagination EXPLODE.
I got this caption off a Supergirl sticker. I didn't change any names or capitalization.

Me and some teddy bear I found.

Couples are a lot sexier when there's no guy involved. I also like when they're both cheerleaders.

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