David Bowie.

If this was a band, they would totally suck.

I can't wait for the future when we'll be dressed like this every day.

You can't tell this from my waterproof pants, but I was sweating your body weight in water every song. I could have peed my pants and had three other people pee in my pants and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

helllo... come close.... we will not eat you.... we are friends... NOW! BEGIN THE EAT ATTACK FATGIRLS!!!
Caption courtesy of Fat Chicks in Party Hats

Kara in her space bra.

If you remember, this is the official uniform of every princess and all female military personnel on Buck Rogers.


All hell breaks loose starting with people's mouths and tongues.

I can't say I blame that dude on the left for the brain-dead gawking, but I'm still glad it was him that got caught doing it and not me.

God damn, Serra, that's fucking hot.

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