I checked your site out today after a kid posted in our Hatebook about the verbal abuse you gave to the "BROTHERS OF THE INTERNET". I pissed my pants. You're a genius. Thanks for making me laugh.

Lupus - Bloodhound Gang

I thank you for putting the lovely pics of me on your site, you are just wonderful bubba! Hope everything is well there!

- Torrie

"Visited the web page. Excellent. Though the Hostess page made me weep with terror."
- Mark Waid

Note 1:
"I was pissing around in seanbaby today. Pretty good. Send my compliments to the chef won't you. And tell him to get to a fucking show. My tits aren't near the size of Pamela Anderson's deflated bustline, but let him know I do shake them alot."
- Susan (aka MizKitty)

As drunk as we look. Note 2:
Okay, direct quote from Scott [her boyfriend and singer/guitarist] as he was reading the Current Events page yesterday afternoon (while wiping tears of laughter out of his eyes with his t-shirt collar):

Next time you see Sean tell him I love him. And he is the funniest man alive."

Brief pause, and more tear wiping, then:

"Forget the band. We'll just stand on stage and read this stuff."

His favorite story was the rape panties, which I thought was funny, but not as funny as some of the other ones. But he was reading it out loud, and laughing so hard, that I was eventually wiping tears out of my eyes.

This is a true story.

Not as drunk as we look. I think I emailed you before with this compliment, but once again I must tell you how hilarious your page is and that I am indebted for the almost endless ROFFLings. Between you and the Murray Kids, I've missed about 2 months worth of work ;) If you're into games, PC games that is, and would like a signed copy of SiN... ...okay, maybe a signed Duke Nukem Action Figure, ...okay, maybe 3 signed joints of shitty Texan weed, please let me know.

P.S.: I did a mention of Seanbaby's Page on my finger file, ...should pull in an additional 3 or 4 visitors today ;)"
- Levelord

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