I think I'd look a lot better here if Serra wasn't so sexy right next to me. So if you don't mind, put your thumb over Serra's face for a few minutes.

If Tom were reading I Love My Body by Louise L. Hay, he might recite this affirmation aloud: "I Love My Rectum. I see the beauty of my body in every cell and every organ. My rectum is as normal and natural and beautiful as any other part of my body. I am totally accepting of each function of my body and rejoice in its efficiency and perfection. I love and appreciate my beautiful rectum!"

Rick and the Birthday Girl.

Fun Fact: Not even the jaws of life can get you out of a headlock.

Do Kara and this guy think they can just come into my life and turn my whole world upside down?

I wasn't making a face here. That's how drunk I was.

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