If Shannon, Justin, and this guy that looks like Shaggy were trying to rekindle the passion with their husband using the marriage-helping book Light His Fire, they might take hint number 7: "Forget your Underwear-- Just before you enter the restaurant or your friend's house, tell him you forgot to put on your panties."

The dude in the dress gets lucky.

Fun Fact: Never trust anyone from space.

I just stepped in a big pile of sassy.

I don't remember this dude's name because the only thing he did was introduce me to his paper bag creature five or six times. It was named Brooke if you have a diary where you keep track of the names of bags.

I think there should be a new rule that whoever's hosting the party has to take off their pants and box dance. Even if it's Tom. And now that I think about it, especially if it's Tom.

I intentionally forgot 2 years of college so I'd have extra room in my brain to remember this part of the party in as much detail as possible.

Bye bye!

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