Adventures of Sam Spade: "Death on the Speedway"

Judy and Jim Defy Savage Gorilla

Captain Tootsie Traps Killer Bear with Invisible Light

Captain Tootsie and the Radar Rescue

Wheaties: "Breakfast of Champions" With Milk and Fruit

"Hey, officer, did you notice the man that was just horribly killed in a car crash? Maybe you ought to wait until you've finished scraping him off the road before you start in on how attractive I am."
Effectiveness: 9/10
Holy shit. I don't know what the hell happened in this comic, but I do know I don't have even close to enough Wildroot Cream-Oil in my hair.

Accurate Portrayal of Police Procedure: 4/10

"Bitch, I don't think they're going to hand me a pistol and thank me for my hair just because I have an oily head."

Bonus Scalp Health Facts: 7/10
In case you weren't convinced you need hair oil from that insane story about racecars, take the Wildroot Cream-Oil at-home test. Just scrape the top of your head with something sharp, and if chunks of it fall off, you need the soothing hair cream that moisturizes your scalp and always places you above police suspicion.

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