This gogo dancer told me the future, and it looks like you're getting a promotion this month! But since your ass is unemployed, all that means is that you're going to eat frosting out of the can with a spoon rather than just your fingers.

At the site of countless Mayan sacrificial rituals, Joyce and I pose for a photo in Mexico.

During time away from drinking, Gabby and I dress like tapdancing panda bears to tap, tap away alcohol abuse.

Me, Johnny, and Scott from The Wave on top of Golden Gate Park moments before ninja Scott yanked our spinal columns out and disappeared in a cloud of mystery.

Booyakasha, check it.

With the gentle caress of a robot sasquatch, Jenny grabs a handful of Bryan's and my buttocks.

The karaoke booths in San Francisco's JapanTown were not ready for the rock Johnny and I assaulted them with.

Eighty percent of all visitors found my website through my tit marketing such as this.

Joyce kissing me in a photo booth.


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