Joyce and I switched clothes at the Shanghai Tunnel, but it's sort of a long story why.

Chris and I at a Suicide Girls barbecue come to the conclusion that unless we can win the soapbox derby, Mr. Wipplebee's breakdancing gold mine is going to get shut down.

Erik, Matt, and I at the Ziff Davis E3 party, also starring Busty McTitty.

Gabs and me at some club in Hollywood begin a long photographic tradition of me making faces and her looking disinterested.

Me and Crispin collar the most crooks in the entire precinct, but we're both loose cannons on the edge of the law.

Tiffany and Ashley create an evil disguise for me with their hands, fooling all.

I think we're close enough now that I can tell you that this picture gives me such a raging hard on.

That's right, fucker, that's me and Erik in front of a god damn four story Warriors poster.

At some E3 party, Fist, Dana, and I tear it up like videogame journalists.

Big Red and Gabs travelling through time to defeat Hitler's moon dinosaurs.


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