Tiffany and I are karaoke as fuck.

If we had to take a hard stance on it, I'd say Anthony, Joyce, and I are strongly in favor of tracksuits.

Clockwise from me: Joyce, Hasser, Nicolette, and JL in Vegas, the greatest city in the world.

Me breaking Anthony over my leg in Seattle.

God damn, I fucking hate robots.

Tiffany and I fought our way through the hobo-ruled night of downtown San Francisco to get to the Hotel Utah Saloon and take this cute picture. Seconds later, the street people broke through the barricades and nearly overran us.

If Xjan and I were any tougher, we'd legally be declared Bruce Willis.

Yanni and I, saving the universe.

Even if Gabby somehow doubled in size, I think I could still carry her around in my pocket.


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