Rich, Seann, me, Joyce, and Chris all agree that there is little we could have done to make this picture any worse.

The six million dollar man is about to lace up his laser gun for one last rescue attempt-- he's going to rescue the East Court Convention Center from having an ordinary annual speedboat and firearms show!

Lisa Marie and I on the roof, sharing and caring.

Kitty and I at the PDX Rose Festival. Not pictured: fat people eating fried candy bars.

Gabs, me, and Random enjoying the thick, toxic air of LA.

I ran into my high school pal Laci tending some bar in Boise, Idaho and hatched this brilliant plan to capture her.

Then later she gave me a kiss, hopefully thinking how much I tasted like intrigue and danger.

Joyce and I in Vegas meet up with the ghost of a skateboarding chimp and concoct a plan to reunite a spelling bee champion's divorced parents.


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