Part 20: The Quest for Food
Hungry and bruised, Mark and Erik continued searching for a way out of Kentia Hall.  During their travels, they encountered much opposition and survived wacky misadventures, but none so wacky or demoralizing as this booth dedicated to France.

Mark: "When I was beaten up by Taiwanese thugs for being bad at their dancing game, I thought that was as low as we were gonna sink.  But then - voila! - we find the France booth."

Erik: "I thought those guys were hitting you in between kicking you because you tried to steal their french fries.  Which reminds me, how do we get out of the France booth?"

Mark: "I smell food..."

Like China, France didn't have any games to sell.  So they brought what they had lying around: dirty toothpicks.   Unfortunately, France chose to display their dirty toothpicks right on top of the food on France's complimentary snack table.

Mark: "I'm so so hungry, but I don't know where these toothpicks have been.  I mean, other than between some Frenchman's filthy teeth."

Erik: "Look!   France brought a refrigerator.  Maybe that's where France hides the clean food."

Erik waited while Mark scaled the snack table then inched his way over to the refrigerator.  After fifteen tense seconds, Mark returned.  

Erik: "Let's see what you got, man!"

Erik: "AHHH!   What is that?"

Mark: "I don't know what it is, but the refrigerator's packed with 'em.  I can tell you where it's not going: inside my mouth."

Erik: "Look, if one of us doesn't eat some food, we're both gonna pass out and then we'll never get out of here or, even worse, someone will pick up our bodies and take us to a slave camp in an even worse exhibit hall where we'll be forced to play a game based on the movie Gladiator.   Made by Acclaim.  Your entire schtick is eating bad food, which makes you the logical choice to eat this thing from France's refrigerator.  Someone once said that whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger.  I don't know who said it, but it's a popular saying with internet dorks, so I'll assume it was Yoda.  I know you like Yoda."

Mark's Imagination As Yoda: "Eat it, Rock! Ya dumb son of a bitch! Grrrr."

Mark: "No way I'm eating this.  Let's get out of here before France discovers one of their soggy fishy smelling meat patties is missing."

To be continued...
Old Man Murray
Bad Candy